Frozen Caboose
Since April 2013

Frozen Caboose provides a wide variety of flavors, including Jane's Homemade, Gillette/Perry's, Crowley's softserve and Mercer's wine ice cream to our customers from near and far. For years, we have been delivering the best quality frozen treats in our community to satisfy customers sweet tooths. We offer ice cream and ice cream truck rentals for various events. Give us a call today to book our services or come by our ice cream truck for a sweet treat. 

We are located near the Walkway over the Hudson in Highland, NY.


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All You Need Is LOVE and Maybe a Little ICE CREAM!

Frozen Caboose Ice Cream

6 Haviland Road

Highland, New York 12528-1610

Alternate Phone: (845) 834-4098